Today's meeting planners and meeting providers cannot be indifferent or passé in their work. Regardless of how long we have been in our assignment or how much we have experienced, we must rejuvenate. In industry, this mandate is termed “transformation.”

There are several reasons this corporate transformation is necessary. First, communication has become so globally advanced. Second, borders and barriers are coming down. Third, we have the most powerful technology that has been available for at least 50 years.

Beyond the mandate for corporations to transform and reinvent themselves, personal rejuvenation is necessary if we are to make a difference. The cycle of rejuvenation also demands at least three characteristics:

First we must forever add to our competence. Training, learning, and gaining competence in new areas are tenets in RCMA's strategic planning and purpose.

Second, competent people feel more confident. Confident leaders are willing to take risks to improve.

Finally, not only must we rejuvenate our competencies and our confidence, we need to rekindle our commitment to our task.

At the end of the day, surely all of us want to have truly made a positive difference in our responsibilities.