“Why spend the energy, money, and effort to be a participating member of RCMA?” a denominational event planner once asked me. “We already know what works for our events.”

The answer is that regardless of how long we have been in our assignments or how much experience we have, we must continue to rejuvenate ourselves and learn cutting-edge methods for staging successful meetings and events.

Why expend the effort? Because the world keeps changing, and our attendees are changing with it. Communication has advanced across the globe, and the technologies we now have are so innovative that they are transforming the way we do business and live our lives. For example, the technologies recommended to me this week by a media company for our next large gathering are capable of speeds that can reduce our 10-day event by one or two days. Organizations and companies are reinventing themselves. It only follows that our meetings must keep re-energizing and transforming if we are to interest today's audience.

But it is not enough simply to rejuvenate our meetings. We need to rejuvenate ourselves as well.

Hundreds of exhibitors, representing the very best and latest services to religious planners, attend and share in the annual RCMA World Conference & Exposition. Leading bureaus, hotels, conference centers, airlines, and service companies join us each year, sponsor our meals, and resource our meetings.

Professionals with great expertise sharpen our minds and challenge our energies. Our expert RCMA staff, led by Executive Director DeWayne Woodring, energetically manages our meetings, tutorials, and activities. Please join the RCMA Board of Directors in our commitment to enroll new meeting planners this year, so that even more religious organizations and planners can share in the exciting experiences and opportunities of RCMA.