In my role as president of RCMA, people sometimes will ask me what the organization is all about. Well, RCMA 2002 in Tampa provided me with reminders.

RCMA is about people who are enthusiastic learners. Wherever I looked in Tampa, educational opportunities abounded. Obviously, learning took place at the Behind-the-Scenes Experiences, tutorials, and the general sessions, but learning also happened on the Expo floor and during the evening entertainment at the Florida Aquarium, at Busch Gardens, and at Thursday's gala. During these social events, RCMA members were able to ask questions, share experiences, and float ideas. It seems to me that RCMA members are happy when they are learning. RCMA thrives on education.

RCMA is about longstanding relationships. In many ways, RCMA looks and feels like a family reunion. Throughout the week, I saw meeting planners embracing their colleagues, excited to catch up on what has happened with friends' lives in the past year. I saw planners and exhibitors greeting each other warmly, willing to share what's new with their organizations and properties and anxious to talk about future opportunities.

RCMA is about integrity. When an organization is strong and enjoys consistent excellence and sustained growth over a long period of time, you can be certain that the organization is built on a foundation of integrity. That description certainly fits RCMA, whose membership continues to set new records and whose members have a reputation for honesty and fairness.

So what is RCMA all about? It's about education, relationships, and integrity. We can be very proud of that!