Another great RCMA World Conference & Exposition is just around the corner. Suppliers relating to planners is an important element of the conference. In this issue, the President's Page is devoted to our superb suppliers. Here is some friendly advice on how you can build long-term relationships in the religious market.

Get to know us; do your research

  • Understand who we are and why we meet.

  • Research the unique characteristics, demographics, doctrines, and practices of various religious organizations. Familiarize yourself with our terminology and structure.

Things to keep in mind about religious events:

  • The religious market is healthy, growing, and profitable.

  • Our site-selection process often is heavily influenced by our demographic strengths; many events depend on the organizational support of our local constituents.

  • Many religious meetings are heavy in space usage. We are often what you call “space hogs.”

  • A high percentage of our events are family-oriented, and many facilities need to be youth-friendly.

Religious planners appreciate properties willing to:

  • Re-purpose some of their facility in light of group characteristics. For example, turn an unused bar into a dessert bar or Sunday brunch buffet area.

  • Suggest or offer budget-conscious options. For example, make lunch menu portions and rates available for dinner.

  • Inform us of other groups sharing space or occupying the property during our events.

Believe us when we say:

  • You'll have relatively few “no shows.”

  • Our attendees tend to make room reservations late in the process.

  • Relationships are important in our interaction with suppliers and vendors, but integrity is even more critical.