I Just Read An Article in The Wall Street Journal about digital cameras. One of these cameras is equipped to replace a frown with a smile, a smile that already is stored in the camera's memory. How fantastic: You don't have to smile to be perceived as smiling!

I admit that smiles are not always automatic, and there are many situations that cause me to frown. I marvel when I communicate with friends and acquaintances who are always smiling. I have also noticed that while some smiles are forced, the real smiles are uplifting and contagious.

I then reflected on when and where have I experienced real smiles. I immediately thought of some of my favorite people and close friends who have the ability to lift my spirits with a genuine smile. I thought of many of you — meeting planners, suppliers, sales and service staff — who have many times set my mind at ease with a smile that seems to say, “It will be OK. We will make it work for you.” I think I usually discern if the promise is real if it comes with a heartfelt smile.

I have a history with photography that dates back to the old box cameras of the 1950s. Today, we do not always know if what we are seeing with modern media is the “real thing.” Therefore, I submit that there is no substitute for one-on-one communication that is enhanced by a smile that is more than an expression. Rather, it is an expression of something much deeper that includes:

  • Sincere concern;
  • Thoughtfulness;
  • A desire to accommodate; and
  • Willingness to solve the problem efficiently.

The list could go on, but you get the picture. I like the real pictures best!

Thanks for the smiles. Keep them coming.
T.M. Jackson