The Religious Conference Management Association is unique. It is a worldwide organization composed exclusively of religious meeting planners and those who represent the facilities and services within this specialized field. It is a professional, nonprofit, multifaith association of men and women who have the responsibility for planning conferences, retreats, and conventions for religious organizations.

The Organization of RCMA

In 1972, a group of individuals believed that religious meeting planners needed an organization that could provide the format, forum, and focus to enhance their meeting-planning skills. The vision of the founders of RCMA laid the foundation for the effective, efficient, and exciting organization. RCMA is dedicated to enhancing the personal and professionalism of its members and associate members as well as to improving the experience of religious meeting attendees worldwide.

The Objectives of RCMA

The primary focus is on the planning and managing of religious meetings, conferences, and conventions and providing methods that make them productive and cost-effective. RCMA provides a forum for its members to gain increased insight, information, and inspiration in the art of religious meeting management. The organization's format is designed to keep members aware of trends that affect religious meetings.

The Observations Regarding RCMA

I've been a member of RCMA since 1979, attending my first conference in 1980 and each annual conference since then. Along the way I have observed the following things: (1) RCMA has given me the opportunity to develop relationships that are essential to being an effective, efficient, and enthusiastic religious meeting planner. (2) RCMA has given me the opportunity to discover resources that have been invaluable in the planning, preparation and production of any meeting. (3) RCMA has been on the cutting edge in its tutorials and technology. 4) In the midst of changes in the meeting planning world, RCMA has maintained a visionary, vital, and vibrant influence. 5) Being a member of RCMA is a great investment, and the return on investment is phenomenal. Our minimal dues have remained the same since 1982. I don't know of any other organization that can say the same.