RCMA has embarked on a new journey to meet the changing needs of our planners and partners, all while retaining the core values that have made it a great organization. Here's a look at the new leadership team and its mandate, management, ministry, and motivation.

New Leadership Team

Two members of the staff have been working for RCMA for a very long time. They are Judy Valenta and Debbie Hochstetler. Both of these ladies have worked for RCMA for more than 10 years. They understand the overall organization as well as the day-to-day operation. Two new members have joined the RCMA staff: Harry Schmidt, executive director, and Dean Jones, director conferences and events. These four people are experienced, enthusiastic, efficient, effective, and energized!

Their Mandate

The new team has been given the responsibility of refocusing, rebranding, and repositioning RCMA. One way to do this is to ask questions and to listen to the answers of those members who respond. Members filled out surveys during the 2012 RCMA conference in Kansas City to give input, insights, and new creative ideas.

Management of the Team

The RCMA board has reorganized to more effectively set the agenda and make the policy of the organization. Committees include the Executive Committee, Nominating Committee, Conference Committee, Finance Committee, and the Marketing Committee. Each of these groups will meet regularly to formulate recommendations for the board of directors. Working closely with RCMA staff, they will provide valuable assistance in implementing the policies of the board.

Ministry of the Team

The new team will focus on serving the membership of RCMA. They will be available for counsel and consultation, and will reach out to the membership with fresh ideas and insight into the changing needs of the meeting planning profession. The team needs to hear members' needs, concerns, and ideas.

Their Motivation

RCMA has been the flagship organization for religious meeting planners. The new team intends to maintain that high standard. We welcome them! We exhort, encourage, and expect them to take RCMA to the next level. Exciting days are ahead for RCMA. Join us on the journey!