Steve Greenwood
Program Coordinator for Student and Children's Ministries National Association of Free Will Baptists, Nashville, Tenn.

“The crisis-management tutorial was very good and appropriate for the times we're in. One of the questions asked was, ‘What do you do if someone is suffering heart failure at a meeting?’ The answer was to administer CPR and call — instead of 911 — the convention services manager or the front desk. Those people are trained to know how to respond to an emergency like that at their facility, and they know the precise directions and instructions to give to emergency personnel. That answer made a huge impact on my thinking. It reminded me that, no matter how many site visits I make to a location, I'll never know the area as well as someone who lives there.

“Also, I would advise RCMA attendees to always try to reach out to people sitting around you that you don't know, whether it's at a meal or on a bus. I made some great contacts that way.”

Donald Ehler
Annual Meeting Coordinator Conservative Congregational Christian Conference Hillsboro, Wis.

“Developing personal contacts at RCMA, and maintaining those personal contacts in the days and weeks after RCMA is very helpful to me. I was able to build some very strong avenues for areas of the country where we are considering holding future conferences.

“Also, I thought there was a lot of valuable information presented regarding trends and what to expect in the future for meetings. I attended four tutorials and they all were outstanding, including one on contracts and negotiating.”

Bryanne Barker
Administrator Christians in Theatre Arts Greenville, S.C.

“Finding out exactly what CVBs do and how they can help was very helpful. Their services are free, and what a great resource! I'm finding that they can provide insight on which areas of a city might work the best for our meetings. And that's going to save me a lot of time.

“Also, the tutorial on using creativity was excellent. I received a lot of great ideas for how to integrate people's creativity into what otherwise might be boring meetings.”

Teresa Trost
Vice President for Programs and Services United Methodist Association Dayton, Ohio

“I'm new to this position, and I've been frustrated because there isn't a paper trail for me to follow, so I found the session on forms that fit the religious meeting planner to be worth the price of admission in itself. So many forms and tips were given, on things such as developing an RFP, room pick-ups, AV needs. It was basic, but very valuable. It gave my assistant and me a lot to work with. I also found the tutorial on working with your event/convention manager to be very worthwhile. One of the big things I took away from that tutorial was to have your needs on paper and communicate that information up front, so there aren't any last-minute surprises. I've already put that to use, and it's working.”

Carrie Walker
Administrative Assistant Presbytery of New Covenant

“At the Behind-the-Scenes experience I was on, I was able to ask questions of a chef and find out which types of meals are less expensive. Meals are an area in which we are trying to save money. One thing I learned was that hot meals are less expensive to prepare than cold meals. I also learned from the Behind-the-Scenes that I am doing a lot of things correctly with F&B.

“In a tutorial on marketing, I heard about some techniques we're hoping to use for a conference we're hosting next year. One idea was to use teaser postcards periodically, to encourage people to attend.

“I also talked to an airline representative, and I found out about group discounts, miles donation, and other programs that could help us.”

Audiotapes or CD-ROMs of tutorials and general sessions at the 2003 RCMA World Conference and Exposition are available by calling Conference Resource at (866) 813-2451, or by e-mail at