Bet you didn't recognize our magazine when it showed up on your desk this month. We think our new design reflects more closely our group’s brand, as well as the integration of our print products with our Web site,
     We completely redesigned our Web site last fall, understanding that most of you search for content and information by category or topic, in addition to looking for the latest news. The new site is designed for easy navigation. If you use us for research, we’ve organized the Web site like a library—a comprehensive collection of articles, videos, blogs, and webinars by topic. Or, if you call us up on your smartphone, you get a straightforward list of our latest articles. With more than 100 years of industry expertise among our staff, and a new staff member who is a social media maven and is breathing new life into our Web and print lives (welcome, Amanda Lucci!), we have what it takes to be your most valuable online resource. 

Rethinking the magazine wasn’t as straightforward. We understand you, and how little time you have. We realize that you have too much information coming at you from e-newsletters, e-mail, social media, everywhere—and you can’t possibly sort through it all to synthesize what’s most useful. We view that as our role, to edit out the extraneous information and provide you with what what’s really important.
     We also created a LinkedIn group for corporate and incentive meeting managers last fall (search LinkedIn for the Corporate Meetings & Incentives group and sign up today). And our MeetingsNet LinkedIn group is meant for the entire community of meeting managers, consultants, suppliers—anyone interested in discussing meetings and their effectiveness.