It's not enough that meeting travelers have to remember to pack suits, casual wear, and a light jacket. Now, they have to think about a new wardrobe category — airport clothes.

With all the new security measures, navigating the screening lines as quickly as possible requires a strategy.

First, the shoes: If there's metal in the heel or insole, you'll get flagged by the screeners. To avoid the hassle, wear thin-soled shoes, sandals or flip-flops. The other option is to wear footwear that easily slips off your feet so you don't have to fuss with untying your shoes. However, even if the beeper doesn't sound, officials may ask you to take your shoes off because there are certain types that require additional screening.

Here are some other things that might set off the screener: belt buckles; underwire bras; metal hair barrettes; clothing with metal buttons, studs, or snaps; and pretty much any type of jewelry from watches and earrings to body piercings. Coats have to go through the screener, so to get through quickly, pack your coat and jewelry in your baggage. Finally, clear your pockets of all loose change, cell phones, and anything else that might contain metal.