EVER WONDER WHAT people are actually doing on the other end of a conference call? You can bet that you don't have their undivided attention, according to the results of a recent survey of 385 corporate employees commissioned by Raindance Communications Inc., a Louisville, Colo. — based remote meetings technology provider.

An amazing 90 percent of employees multitask during audioconferences, according to the survey, which was conducted by Russell Research Inc., New York. While 69 percent say that they rifle through papers or look on the computer for materials being discussed, a full 70 percent say that they work on other company-related projects. About half of multitaskers (51 percent) read or send e-mails, while 38 percent eat during conference calls. Thirty-six percent talk to someone else, 27 percent surf the Internet, and 11 percent drive. On the low end of the spectrum, 5 percent say that they shop online or read a magazine, and 4 percent spend time on eBay or getting dressed.

Only 3 percent say that they take notes during conference calls, while 2 percent admit that they surf adult content Web sites. And, believe it or not, the study found that an astounding 9 percent use the bathroom.

The 385 corporate employees who were polled said that they participate in conference calls at least once every two to three months.Twenty-eight percent said they have conference calls once a week, and 54 percent participate in them at least twice a month.

Nearly half (47 percent) do not think that the conference calls are worth the time and effort — which is no surprise after hearing the results.