If these other programs sound a bit overwhelming, there are several simpler programs out there, such as Digsby. Originally designed as a way to manage chats and e-mail, Digsby allows users to check multiple e-mail accounts at once (including Gmail, Yahoo, and POP accounts) from one place and send e-mails right from the IM window. It streamlines instant messaging from your e-mail accounts and Facebook chat into one window that you can reply from, and includes the option to have messages pop up while you’re working on other tasks. As for cross-platform simultaneous posting, it currently works with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn, and includes a social network infobox that scrolls a real-time feed from all of your registered accounts. Again, while it's not the furthest reaching of the social tools, it's simple, easy to use, and puts a lot of daily functions into one place for easy accessibility. Better yet, it's free to use.

Depending on how much you want to be able to do with your social media campaigns and your personal level of tech savvy, there are many more social media management tools to choose from. And regardless of whether you go for the simplest cross-platform posting tool or a big social media management powerhouse, these social management platforms go a long way toward making it easier to communicate simultaneously and effectively across the Internet's leading social sites.

Have you tried a social media management tool? Which one seems to work best for your specific type of meeting management? Are there other management tools you would recommend?

When he’s not investigating blogging and social media trends, Tim Eyre, interactive marketing manager for Extra Space Storage,works with storage units users in 34 of the 50 the United States, helping customers store their stuff in places like the Atlanta self storage facility on Cheshire Bridge Road. His company’s in-house blog has recently launched an integrated social media program that he hopes will help spread their posts across StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and more.