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SUE PELLETIER @spelletier


486k followers | 50.7k tweets

Very smart observations on how tech and life collide


375k followers | 13k tweets

Fun, and a little weird


1.95m followers | 66.1k tweets

Just because


2.49m followers | 41k tweets

Author, actor, and lifelong geek Wil Wheaton


BETSY BAIR  @betsbair

202k followers | 16k tweets
Favorite all-around travel writer

3,214k followers | 16.5k tweets
Anyone who knows Eduardo Chaillo knows how cheerful he is in person. It comes across in his tweets. Even when they're in Spanish.

523k followers | 1261 tweets
When Ted talks, we listen.


ALISON HALL @alisonmhall


996k followers | 3,166 tweets

The king of puns—and so much more


44k followers | 7,928 tweets

NPR + smart + dashing = Enough said.


160 followers | 1 tweet

The daughter of Candid Camera’s Alan Funt and an inspirational speaker, she has tweeted exactly once, writing: "Is life too short to tweet?" and has 160 followers.


SUE HATCH @suehatch8

1.37m followers | 19.2k tweets

Tips of the day, blog posts, daily stats, all from Harvard Business Review


776k followers | 31.2 tweets

Small business wisdom from Inc. magazine

1.4M followers | 123k tweets

Author, publisher, entrepreneur

1.08m followers | 7,344 tweets

Mythbusters producer and co-star Adam Savage


BARBARA SCOFIDIO @barbarascofidio

@Luxe Tiffany

34K followers | 57.3K tweets

This anonymous woman is a luxury hotel inspector and visits a fabulous, new five-star resort practically every day.


6,670 followers | 3,530 tweets

Enjoy sharing this Fast Company writer’s reflections and conclusions.


1.46M followers | 17.1k tweets

Travel the world with the high-profile editor-in-chief of Huffington Post Media

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