Anyone who would select “When The End Is Not in Sight” as a title must be in the midst of something and not be able to predict or see the ending of it.

In my early years, I often decided early in the day what I would accomplish before stopping for another night of rest. Subsequently, I often worked long into the night; sometimes without any sleep at all. This I do not recommend!

Someone stated that “older is wiser,” and certainly, “older understands exhaustion.” I think I have finally learned that most tasks can wait for another day, when one's mind is fresher and physical strength is renewed. Unfortunately, this article is due today! My early years as the editor of a weekly newspaper taught me the importance of deadlines. Therefore, I still struggle with my emotions when the job is not finished at the end of the day, week, month, or year.

Twenty years or so ago, I read that within 15 to 20 years it would be possible to have all the information ever known to man inside a box on one's desktop. It seems that this is indeed the case with the Internet and all the related technical marvels. However, while all these advancements provide the means to accomplish more in less time, it still seems that the end is not in sight. More information is available, and there are more unfinished tasks, prioritized work lists with impossible deadlines, and the feeling of urgency that never seems to dissipate.

Why all this rambling? I cannot change most circumstances; however, I can work smarter and thus accomplish more in a limited amount of time. RCMA continues to search for and provide vital information, facilitate communication with planners and suppliers, and provide the informational tools to assist you as you search for the “perfect completion.” Some functions and meetings do not have a definable ending; the impact and product continue to generate goals and more quality interaction.

If it is not possible or even desirable to define the “ending,” perhaps we can categorize the benefits and accomplishments in a productive way as we continue to strive for perfect completion. Start thinking today about attending the next RCMA annual conference in Orlando, Fla., in February. Together we can assist each other as we move forward for a better finish to those unfinished tasks.
T.M. Jackson