In another session at the conference, third-party planners talked about how expertise in virtual meetings can provide a competitive advantage. But just as third-party meeting planning companies are looking to become proficient at virtual meetings, technology companies are going to want to expand their capabilities to get into the meeting space, said one audience member. Another made the point that the need for virtual meetings could increase even more if there are healthcare providers that don’t want to be subject to the transparency requirements of the Sunshine Act

“If you are behind, you won’t be able to catch up fast enough,” said session moderator Terry Miller, principal, Travel and Meetings Consulting, Indianapolis. Third-party companies need to think about hiring people to run virtual meetings or partnering with technology companies to provide this service. Another attendee said companies should consider rebranding so they are not just seen as meeting planners but project managers that handle a multitude of tasks, including virtual events. “We’ve got to bring value,” to the virtual meeting planning process, stated another third party.