A panel of meeting industry association leaders recently joined bXb Online founder Tony Lorenz, CMM, to introduce the name of the online television platform that aims to aggregate live and on-demand video content from numerous live meetings and conventions: BOBtv—best of business television.

Riding the wave of hybrid meeting popularity, Lorenz and his investors foresee thousands of education sessions being recorded from hundreds of live meetings, which will ultimately be accessed by millions of business and professional consumers the world over, year round. The content distribution channel is aimed at attracting those who can’t attend the physical event as well as people who did attend live but who want to access and more deeply engage in the events covered on BOBtv, fed by associations that offer a virtual component of their conferences. Ultimately, said Lorenz, the network will open associations’ content to multiple new users and potential live attendees, delivering “the second-best seat in the house.”

Meeting industry associations that support BOBtv are ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership (whose annual meeting was the stage for the press conference announcing BOBtv), International Association of Exhibitions and Events, and Professional Convention Management Association. Their association and for-profit trade show organizer members represent more than 500 million consumers, said Lorenz, the target audience of BOBtv. The Virtual Edge Institute is another supporter. Lorenz and his team collected hundreds of comments and gathered input from more than 300 association leaders over the past 18 months in order to shape the business plan for the online platform.

BOBtv’s revenue model is based on charging subscription fees to users, which will be shared with associations that provide content, as well as on rich media advertising not to include banner advertising, said Lorenz.

Users can sign up online or, if they belong to a participating association, use their existing IDs to register. “BOBtv is designed to aggregate, curate, and deliver the best content available,” said Lorenz. Users can categorize and filter content or use a search tool to identify narrow topics.

Lorenz, who announced the new venture at the PCMA convention in January, said that the business channels within BOBtv align with the 14 vertical industries defined by the CEIR (Center for Exhibition Industry Research) Index, such as education, food, retail, transportation, and health care.

BOBtv expects to launch in the first quarter of 2013. For more information about BOBtv, visit www.bobtv.biz/ or follow on Twitter @BOBtvbiz.