We asked planners for their most successful incentives for enticing attendees to book inside the block and got some great responses:

  1. Discount off next year’s conference registration
  2. Discount for hotel gift shop or spa
  3. Discount off purchase of audio recordings of sessions from conference
  4. Free raffle ticket for prize drawings
  5. Hotel breakfast for only those who book inside the block
  6. Discounted room rate
  7. Guaranteed lowest rates
  8. Free in-room Internet
  9. Charge an additional fee if they do not book inside the block
  10. Free shuttle
  11. No use of shuttle if they book outside the block
  12. Discount for early birds
  13. Free registration for first-time attendees who book inside the block
  14. Higher registration fees if they book outside the block
  15. Convenience of hotel location to the convention center
  16. Association gives discounted hotel room rates if they room with another delegate
  17. Promotions combining housing and registration, whereby if attendees register for the conference and book a room by a certain date they are entered into a contest to win either free registration or hotel stays.
  18. Free use of all hotel amenities, including free parking
  19. No resort fees
  20. Tie housing to registration by, first, making them book hotel before registering or, second, making them register before getting access to hotels.
  21. Put self-registration kiosks in the hotels in the block for convenience