The ACCME did not propose changes to any criteria not discussed below.

The Standard Criteria

Criterion 1:The provider has a CME mission statement that includes all of the basic components (CME purpose, content areas, target audience, type of activities, expected results) with expected results articulated in terms of changes in competence, performance, or patient outcomes that will be the result of the program.
Proposed Change:The requirements for a CME mission statement would be changed to require only discussion of expected results and remove requirements for purpose, content, audience, and types of activities.
Discussion:The emphasis on the revised accreditation system appears to be focused on changing behavior and results. It allows CME providers to shape their mission in any way that suits them as long as the expected results of their program are explicit.

Criterion 4:The provider generates activities/educational interventions around content that matches the learners’ current or potential scope of professional activities.
Proposed Change:Deleted in its entirety.
Discussion:This criterion was redundant, provided the professional practice gaps of learners had been clearly articulated.

Criteria 12:The provider gathers data or information and conducts a program-based analysis on the degree to which the CME mission of the provider has been met through the conduct of CME activities/educational interventions.
Criterion 13:The provider identifies, plans, and implements the needed or desired changes in the overall program (e.g., planners, teachers, infrastructure, methods, resources, facilities, interventions) that are required to improve on ability to meet the CME mission.
Proposed Change:Criteria 12 and 13 would be joined to provide a more logical flow of overall assessment of the CME program and changes to improve the program.
Criterion 14:The provider demonstrates that identified program changes or improvements that are required to improve on the provider’s ability to meet the CME mission are under way or completed.
Criterion 15:The provider demonstrates that the impacts of program improvements that are required to improve on the provider’s ability to meet the CME mission are measured.
Proposed Change:Criteria 14 and 15 would be deleted in their entirety.
Discussion:This change consolidates the existing Criteria 12, 13, 14, and 15 into a single requirement covering the key information for program analysis and planned improvements. The ACCME wants to focus on the core concept of the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle and eliminate the criteria that are redundant.