• Joint sponsorship: The phrase would be changed to “Joint Providership,” which in turn will impact a revised Joint Providership Accreditation Statement.
Discussion:This change serves to clear up confusion between the words “sponsor” and “provider.”

• Enduring materials: The ACCME proposes to eliminate all special language requirements for enduring materials, such as principal faculty and their credentials, medium or combination of media used, method of physician participation, estimated time to complete the activity, dates of original release and/or update, and termination date.
Discussion:The ACCME felt these requirements predated the 2006 Criteria for Accreditation and were inconsistent with learners’ current familiarity with electronic media.

• Internet CME: Similarly, the ACCME proposes to eliminate the special language requirements for Internet CME, such as listing special requirements prior to the beginning of the activity, hardware and software requirements, provider contact information, policies on privacy and confidentiality, and copyright information.

• Journal CME: The ACCME proposes to eliminate special requirements for journal CME, including the requirement to communicate required information prior to the journal activity, but that is supplanted by the general Standards for Commercial Support requirements to inform learners of disclosure information before the start of the activity.
Discussion:This change simplifies ACCME policy and removes special requirements as stated for other types of CME activities listed above.

• Regularly scheduled series: The ACCME proposes to eliminate the requirement for describing their monitoring system.
Discussion:This change recognizes that processes for compliant CME practices for all types of activities include RSS without a need for special documentation. In our opinion, this proposed change is unclear and will need to be adjusted or clarified as the monitoring of hospital or medical school departments’ application of the criteria is essential to demonstrating compliance.

Initial application for accreditation: The ACCME is proposing to eliminate the requirement that the initial accreditation interview be conducted at the offices of applicant, but is leaving in place the requirement for an activity review for initial accreditation.
Discussion:This process removes rote processes and stickers in favor of the provider stating the responses to questions the answers to which demonstrate the evidence of compliance. There will be mechanisms to paste in information, and there will be several attachments to complete each file abstract. Same amount of work, but different format.