4. Sell Selectively

Organize your sales efforts around your best customers and their goals, not what you’re selling. “The trend is toward fewer, more expensive sponsorships,” she added.

5. Use Your Leaders

Focus the majority of your time on the top 10-25 companies who have the most to offer. Kastner suggested tapping board members and your organization’s leaders for help in finding the right person at these companies. They probably know someone in those top 10–25 companies and can make introductions for you: “Match power with power,” she said.

6. Make a Customized Pitch

Keep the conversation strategic. “These people won’t buy off a menu,” said Kastner. Ask what they are they looking to accomplish this year. Understand their objectives, then come back to them with recommendations for three premium bundles that will help them accomplish their goals. Choose one of the three that you believe would be the best fit, and explain why. “Make it about them first, and you much less and later.”