1) Use contact-lens cases for small pills and creams/makeup. Label them with a Sharpie.
2) Choose one pair of pants and shoes in each of two color schemes. Then five or six tops that match either/both. It all fits in a single carry-on and you're good for five days!
3) Always pack your clothes right on the hangers.  It makes packing and unpacking a breeze.
4) Keep a copy of your passport separate from your carry-on in case the real thing gets lost or stolen.
5) Use the 3 oz. size for all your toiletries.
6) Pack your clothing in jumbo Ziploc bags and extract the air. It's a miracle! Then use them to keep the dirty clothes separate.
7) Thoroughly read the agenda to be prepared for evening events that would require special clothing.
8) Always check Weather.com.
9) If you travel internationally, check to see if there are 110V adapters in the rooms, or bring your own.
10) Keep things right in the dry cleaner bags. It's a no-wrinkles-upon-arrival solution!

Thanks to Lesley Brasesco, managing director, sales innovation, Hilton Worldwide; Carolyn Pund, senior manager, global strategic meetings management, Cisco Systems; Jane Schuldt, president, World Marketing Group; Cindy Shumate, travel services manager, Princeton University; Todd Zint, CMP, CMM, vice president, meetings & event strategy, NFP.