Audience interaction platform, which offers a simple way to create audience polls and manage speaker Q&A, has announced a new integration with Prezi, the cloud-based presentation platform.

To add a poll to your Prezi, select the slide in your deck after which you want to display the poll, then click “create a new poll.” (Watch the steps in a 90-second video at the Web site.) Attendees respond to the poll via their mobile devices.

Answer the Qs Audiences Want
As a lecturer, presenter, and tech guy,’s founder, Peter Komornik, started out wanting to improve ways to get feedback after his presentations. After realizing participants were more likely to share opinions and comments during a presentation than after, he shifted’s focus from a post-meeting tool to one that manages presentation Q&A, essentially ensuring that an audience has a say in the topics a presenter addresses.

Users go to an event URL from any Internet-connected device and type in their questions during a presentation. They can post questions anonymously or with their names visible.

Questions are displayed on a screen as they come in, and audience members can voite for the questions that they find the most relevant.

There is an option for a moderator to come between the input and the display in order to ensure appropriateness. A moderator also can “hide” questions as they are answered in order to keep a clean screen visible. (Cool engagement tip: Have audience members vote for the very last question the speaker will answer.) offers three pricing schemes, starting with free (public Web site, the logo, your data is retained for one week). At $69 per event or $690 annually, you get a private URL, e-mail support, and the data from your event is retained for three months. For $339 per event or $3,390 annually, you also get a custom link, custom logo, sponsor logos, unlimited data retention, analytics, the ability to use at simultaneous sessions, and live chat support. has won a number of awards, most recenly at FRESH14.