Lisa Hurley


Editor, Special Events

Lisa Hurley is editor of Special Events, a sister publication of the MeetingsNet group and the “official and premier magazine of the special events industry in North America,” according to the International Special Events Society. She is based in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Event Planners Face RFP Overload 
They're squeezed by requests for proposal that take hours‹ even days‹to complete, and by clients who expect the same caliber event as last year, but for far less money. Event planners share their frustrations and some solutions.
Do-Good Events 
British pharmaceutical firm Norgine celebrated its 100th anniversary by helping some of the humblest people in the world. For its “Century of Excellence: Making a Difference” conference, the company built housing in Mabele-A-Podi, a township outside of Sun City, South Africa, where many children have lost both parents to AIDS. Follow them and other companies as they make giving back part of their meetings
Jumping The Fence 
CB Wismar spent his formative years, professionally speaking, honing his skills working at some of the biggest names in the events business, including
Special Events See Hope in '04 
Event industry professionals are hoping that special event production will finally pick up solidly in 2004 after several years of languishing. Nowhere
PALM PILOTS AND plasma screens aren't going away. Indeed, high-tech tools have been a boon to special events, boosting efficiency and deepening impact.
Master Mind 
As former director of special events operations for Pinkerton Security, Gary Moses masterminded security operations for the Emmy and Oscar awards. He
Security Basics 
No one can plan for every contingency at a religious meeting, but a careful analysis of your event will help you determine how much security you need
Time To Party 
QUESTION: What qualities should you look for when you hire a professional event planner? ANSWER: The patience of a preschool teacher, the creativity of