1. Engagement. Snapchat “has the highest engagement value of any of the social media platforms,” she said. According to recent social engagement indexes, it is five times more effective in engaging people than Twitter, and twice as effective as LinkedIn, she added. Why is it so engaging? “It’s a source of pure, in-the-moment content,” she says. It also allows users to engage in a private conversation around the content, something other platforms don’t offer.

2. FOMO. Through snaps, those who aren’t at the event see their friends and colleagues engaging in activities in real time and wish they could be there too. Snapchat is especially popular at festivals and special events such as weddings, Treadway said—which was born out in a poll of the webinar audience, more than half of whom said they had sent snaps from a social event. “The fact that it disappears over time makes it addictive,” she said. “It creates a buzz and ultimately helps you increase ticket sales moving forward.”

3. Content. It provides user-created content you can use to fill your marketing pipeline on other platforms, Treadway said. If you see some snaps getting higher engagement, these may be good Facebook or Twitter fodder, or a piece of content you can repurpose for your event website.