For years, this father and son team have gone the extra mile for their clients. Just named Changemakers for 2014, they shared their philosophies with MeetingsNet.

MeetingsNet: Tell us about the void you saw in the exhibition industry:
Ray and Randy Pekowski: We saw the need for a better way of doing business in this industry because rewarding inefficiency and taking advantage of exhibitors is not a strong model. Events and trade shows are ecosystems, and when certain stakeholders are out of balance, the entire system suffers. So The Expo Group became a true general service contractor with a personal touch. We continue to offer more choices for our clientele, consistently improving on the model while keeping service at the center of our business.

MeetingsNet: How will shows continue to evolve?
Pekowskis: Multigenerational customers will require different thought processes and disciplines to meet their needs. This is causing us to rethink the way we do business and to reach outside of our comfort zone to present new and exciting ways to deliver services.

MeetingsNet: What have you contributed to the industry?
Pekowskis: We’re most known for launching a company to connect the exhibitor supply chain. Technological advances, business processes, and an innovative mindset created our Single Source ordering process to save time and money for exhibitors. We're also proud of how we recognize individuals as being the best in their class through The Expo Group Show Manager of the Year Awards and our vision in launching Tradeshow Week’s Fastest 50 because it achieved, for the first time in our industry, recognition for a cross-section of shows outside the largest 200 and provided an educational component.

MeetingsNet: What's the best advice you can offer involving change?
Pekowskis: The best advice is to embrace it. Time doesn’t stop for anyone, and complacency is a first step toward the death of an organization.